Year: 2023

Computer Science Is No Longer The Safe Bet

Coding Will Be Just A Tool. The Future, Lead By System Architects, Focus On Problem Solving And Logic Skills That Underpin Every Programming Language. https://www.theatlantic.com

Negotiate This Year To Improve Your Scholarship Offers

Because the rules are changing and siblings in college will not help the family the same way it has in the past, you are advised to take additional steps to secure the most aid available. This idea may seem like you are taking a big leap but this is going to be par for the…

Delays To The FAFSA

It Will Take Weeks For Colleges To Upload FAFSA Info – Delaying Award Offers. Faculty Will Be Under Pressure To Produce Offers Quickly To Retain Applicant Interest.

Common Application Essay Tip

COMMON APP ESSAY TIP: Sometimes The Smallest Moments Can Provide A Wonderful Essay Topic. Think About What You Do Everyday That Is Special Unto You. The Story Should Be 20% Of The Essay And The Rest Of It Should Be What You Learned From That Moment And How It Has Shaped Who You Are Today…

A Trend Is Happening And We Took Notice

Good universities are looking for ways to attract families who are looking for affordability in higher education. We at PCG like to see this trend so that you can make the best decision for you and the student. Lehigh is now offering free tuition to families who make less than $75,000 per year.

Changes To The FAFSA And Federal Aid Rules

December 1, 2023 the new FAFSA will be available for 24-25 school year  Larger Pell Grants ($7,395) and higher income protection allowance Effectively eliminating sibling discount EFC term is changing to Student Aid Index (SAI) Federal Student Aid Estimator will provide an estimate to Pell Grant eligibility  IRS Data Retrieval Tool will have less steps…