Trevor presented wonderfully helpful information, answered questions clearly and candidly, and truly provided a much needed service for our population. I am extremely grateful for his time, his efforts, and his willingness to help our families.

Jan Hayes-Rennels
Assistant Principal, Canyon High School

Trevor and his highly trained staff have been a tremendous asset to our students. His knowledge on both what school is the right fit for each student as well as how to financially plan for a college education has saved many of our families a lot of time and money. If you have a high school student, I could not recommend Trevor’s services enough.

John Hynes
Principal, Grace Brethren High School

I admit that I was a huge skeptic about attending anything that had to do with college that was not put on by my child’s high school. Until I was encouraged by a co-worker who attended a class put on by Trevor and his team I would have never signed up to go. I was astonished how much I didn’t know and I am very active at my daughter’s high school. My first thought after leaving was, ‘why isn’t this being taught at our high school for all of our parents?

Cecilia W
Attorney in Ventura, CA

We knew that financing college would be a stretch for our family even though my husband and I make a high income. When we started to get serious about helping my son plan for college we realized that we were out of our league. There was too much to know and we were not getting a lot of good answers from his high school. I attended a workshop with my son in May which opened my eyes to the possibilities of sending him to a top college. Trevor is saving our family just over $14,000 per year which is a great help. I recommend that a family think twice before they decide to plan for college on their own.

Theresa D
Human Resources Professional in Thousand Oaks, CA

Having my own practice I make a fairly decent living for my family. Friends of mine that I play golf with made it clear that I’d have to write a check to the college just like they did for their kids. To be successful I believe you need to know how to delegate and that’s why I had Trevor and his staff help me during this process and so far I saved about $31,000 in the first two years.

Neal H
Physician in Camarillo, CA

There were nights that I stayed up wondering how I could send Derek to college and break the news that despite his stellar grades he would have to go to community college. When Trevor spoke at my son’s school I almost felt like I could make it work. With his support and Derek’s grades he will be attending Berkeley in the Fall. Thank you so so so much for all the help.

Pam K
Teacher in Woodland Hills, CA

Don’t make the same mistake I made with my first daughter who ended up coming home after the start of her second year of college. Her school took away more than 50% of her scholarship even though she maintained all A’s & B’s. What I learned from Trevor was that we chose a school with low retention rates which was common for that to happen. We decided to have him help my younger daughter with choosing the right colleges. After using his service we received acceptance letters to 8 of her top schools, all of which are offering her financial aid. Trevor was a big help and we greatly appreciate him being a part of our daughters success.

Catherine S
Broker in Agoura Hills, CA

This was the first child we were sending to college and I knew how much it was going to cost. My neighbors and friends kept telling me about the loans they had to take in order to pay for their kids college and I was getting worried. I went to college but I realized that the process wasn’t the same that it used to be. The time it would have taken me to learn everything was beyond what I could have done and I really wanted Jessica to have an opportunity to attend a good college. Today she is enrolled in Biola and will be starting the nursing program next year. This has allowed all of us to take a sigh of relief because we know that we made a good decision by hiring Trevor. My recommendation, see if he can help because it gave us piece of mind knowing it was being handled by a professional.

Jason Y
Entrepreneur in Westlake Village, CA