There are so many questions families have about the college universe.  Some of them are straight-forward, while others are far more individualized and nuanced.  With budgets tightening, misinformation flowing, and new pieces of crucial data coming in on a near-daily basis, it’s important for families to have a backstop – someone who’s dependable, knowledgeable and on their side, keeping them focused on the most important facets of their lives – including doing their jobs to the best of their ability without distraction.

The YCI program is designed to provide college planning, college admission and financial aid information and ancillary services to the employees of a company (as an employer perk to share with employees, with the goal of better time management and greater employee loyalty).

Under normal circumstances, this is the kind of program that can free up employee time to do their jobs (and I assure you, they do look at and investigate things like college selection and college financial planning on your dime) simultaneously providing those employees with a real benefit for themselves and their children.  

In darker times, like what we have seen with COVID-19, this opportunity can lift spirits, provide a needed support system, build some company morale, and reassure your employees that you care about them, all at a time when it is needed most – and best of all, without costing the sponsoring company any money!

As part of our local COVID-19 relief effort, YCI (via its partnership with Premier College Guidance) is offering any company that is interested, big or small, a one-year standard membership FOR FREE between now at August 1st. What does that entail?

  1. FREE access for all of your employees to our College Knowledge Quarterly (CKQ), a document straddling the lines between a scholarly journal and a personalized information blog about the world of college and college admission. The CKQ introduces families to current events, specific insights they can’t get elsewhere, an introduction to majors and colleges they have no knowledge of – that they probably should – and much more. The CKQ will be distributed directly to employees via email (as a pdf file) in the months of January, April, July and October.
  2. FREE access for all employees of your company to a monthly LIVE webinar, specifically crafted for a region or an individual company (if enrollment is higher than 100 employees), at a regularly occurring time and date (i.e. the second Tuesday of each month at 7pm local time). This webinar IS NOT open to the public and is done only for member benefit. These webinars will provide timely updates to what is happening in the world of college admission and financial aid, provide some suggestions for families and students to improve their understanding of and provide actionable items for college readiness, regardless of where they are in the process, and answer any questions your employees have. (There is a small additional charge if the business requests a recording and distribution of the broadcast).
  3. DISCOUNTS for all employees who wish to receive additional, personalized services for themselves or family members, which includes full-service college or financial aid counseling, limited service programs (see: Binder Program), financial aid forms completion and support, college application essay editing services, preliminary college list building and interest inventory surveys, and more. These discounts will be couched as ‘subsidized’ by the company, for your benefit. CLICK HERE FOR A BREAKDOWN OF AVAILABLE EMPLOYEE PAID SERVICES.
  4. A large video library (asynchronous learning) will be procured and edited throughout 2020, for release by mid-2021, containing approximately 50 different videos covering every imaginable topic in college admission. (These will be made available for a small additional annual cost when ready).
  5. FREE advertising on our website, showing your brand and logo as one of our corporate partners, and discounted advertising space in the CKQ.

For more information about YCI’s Corporate College Readiness Program, please contact Rob Schwartz at 818-359-3779, or email him at Enrollment is simple and programming can get underway in a matter of days. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity for yourselves and your employees!