Changes To The FAFSA And Federal Aid Rules

December 1, 2023 the new FAFSA will be available for 24-25 school year 

Larger Pell Grants ($7,395) and higher income protection allowance

Effectively eliminating sibling discount

EFC term is changing to Student Aid Index (SAI)

Federal Student Aid Estimator will provide an estimate to Pell Grant eligibility 

IRS Data Retrieval Tool will have less steps to complete

Must consent to IRS Retrieval or will not become eligible for federal aid

FSA ID’s are now required. No longer accepting mail-in signatures 

Families with an Adjusted Gross Income below $60,000 can bypass listing assets

Can now include up to 20 colleges on the form for single submission 

Students will login separately and respond to questions specifically for the student

Parent will login separately and answer questions pertaining to the parent sections

Individual institutions will adjust awards based on special circumstances after filing FAFSA

No changes to the CSS Profile

This information may change once the rollout commences

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