Early Decision Statistics For A Few Ivy League Campuses

Discerning between applying early or regular has historically been an easy choice. Reserve your top choice to an early consideration if they offer it. Recently, however, you will notice a substantial uptick in the overall number of students applying early in order to increase their chances of admission. For some, this is a worthwhile strategy…

Getting Accepted To Harvey Mudd College

This is a tremendous story about a student who continues to be tenacious while believing in pursuing a passion. Getting multiple offers from highly selective institutions, he chose HMC to elevate his rhetoric skills and to find a true faculty mentor. Congratulations to all of those who try hard each day in pursuit of improving…

An Ivy League School Announces Its First AI Degree

Applying AI Ethics Is Crucial As Bias In Algorithmic Decision-Making Causes Large Language Models To Lack Transparency. Carnegie Mellon and Purdue University Also Offer Bachelor’s Degrees In Artificial Intelligence.https://qz.com/university-pennsylvania-first-ai-undergraduate-degree-1851252210

Record Applications Received At Cal State Crown Jewel

A New Record Number Of Applications Received At Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. 5.5% Increase Over Last Year’s Volume And 12% Above 2022. They Plan To Expand Student Housing Over The Next Decade To Offer An Additional 3,000 Beds. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/careersandeducation/cal-poly-slo-applications-soar-to-another-new-record/ar-BB1hZVE7

New Learning Techniques Using AI Is Starting A Revolution In Higher Education

Artificial Intelligence Collaborating With Universities – The Evolution Of Learning Is Here. ASU Is Leading In This Innovation, Resulting In $340 Million In Active Awards. The Aim Is To Revolutionize Educational Techniques, Aiding Scholarly Research And Boosting Administrative Efficiency. https://news.asu.edu/20240118-university-news-new-collaboration-openai-charts-future-ai-higher-education

FAFSA Made Corrections To Their Big Mistake

The initial rollout of the form included calculations that were using pre-inflation dollars. This puts everyone at a disadvantage when the Department of Education determines the Student Aid Index for the family by qualifying for less free money. Today they announced that the tables have been updated to reflect the current value of the dollar.…

Ivy-Plus Colleges Make It Easier For Wealthy Families

They Know Wealthy Students Will Contribute More To Their Revenue. So Are Ivy-Plus Institutions Really Graduating The Best And Brightest? If You Aren’t Wealthy, Extracurricular Activities Are Scored Differently In The Admissions Review.CONSIDER: Don’t Apply For Financial Aid Freshman Year. BUT, Once You Are Accepted – You Should Apply For All The Grants You Can…

Computer Science Is No Longer The Safe Bet

Coding Will Be Just A Tool. https://www.educative.io/blog/is-computer-science-major-worth-it The Future, Lead By System Architects, Focus On Problem Solving And Logic Skills That Underpin Every Programming Language. https://www.theatlantic.comhttps://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2023/09/computer-science-degree-value-generative-ai-age/675452/