Selective College Admit Rates For Class Of 2027 Are Mostly Lower Than Last Year

Boston College 15%

Boston University 11%

Brown 5%

Columbia 3.9%

Dartmouth 6.2%

Harvard 3.4% (last year was 3.1%)

Johns Hopkins 6%

MIT 5%

Northwestern 7%

Notre Dame 11.9%

NYU 8%

Rice 8%

Tufts 10%

Tulane 13%

UCLA 8.5%

USC 10%

UVA 16.3%

Yale 4.3%

What Is Even More Impressive Is A Student Who Receives The Alfred J. Verrecchia Business Scholarship at URI. Not Only Is This A Full Scholarship But Also Offers:

Winter J-Term Travel Course (Domestic Or Global)

Invitation To Participate In Honors Program And Yearly Honors Colloquium

Faculty Mentoring And Advising Team And Career Mentoring With Internship And Career Support

Annual Business Round-Table Meeting With Mr. Verrecchia And Other Business Leaders

Priority Course Registration

Mentoring By Upper-Division Verrecchia Scholars

Optional Fun And Developmental Scholar Cohort Events

Scholarships and Honors Program

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