Early Decision Statistics For A Few Ivy League Campuses

Discerning between applying early or regular has historically been an easy choice. Reserve your top choice to an early consideration if they offer it. Recently, however, you will notice a substantial uptick in the overall number of students applying early in order to increase their chances of admission. For some, this is a worthwhile strategy while for others it could come at a financial cost.

From The Daily Pennsylvanian : The Class of 2028 received 65,230 applications, according to Interim Penn President Larry Jameson’s stated remarks at a University Board of Trustees Meeting on March 1. Over 8,500 of these students applied to Penn through the Early Decision program, according to an earlier University announcement. Applications are up more than 10% from the year prior — the Class of 2027 received more than 59,000 applications.  While Penn saw an increase in applications, other Ivy League institutions did not, at least in the early admissions cycle. Harvard University saw a 17% decrease in early action applications and Brown University saw a 5% decrease in total applications from last year. 

Develop your strategy that makes sense and will give you the best options to get accepted to your top colleges. Every student is unique, giving them the tools to get in to the colleges that match them both socially and academically. Remember that you really only need 10-12 colleges that will make up your final list. Join our monthly discussions to dive deeper into this topic so you can get help with making the right choices for higher education.

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