Common Application Essay Tip

Sometimes The Smallest Moments Can Provide A Wonderful Essay Topic. Think About What You Do Everyday That Is Special Unto You. The Story Should Be 20% Of The Essay And The Rest Of It Should Be What You Learned From That Moment And How It Has Shaped Who You Are Today Or Who You May…
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The Community College Path

35 Most Selective Public Schools Took In More Than 4 Times As Many Students From Community Colleges As The 139 Most Selective Private Ones. In Our Prestigious University of CA System, 29% Of Graduates Began At Community Colleges. DISCLAIMER: Students Need To Have A Plan Since Only 14% Of Community College Students Transferred To A…
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Mentorship In College

Butler University in Indianapolis has gone out and bought mentors on the open market, paying them to serve in that role for their undergraduate business majors. A school in a city the size of Indianapolis can do this, given the number of people around town (including alumni) who enjoy helping young people………….. Career MENTORSHIP is…
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Writing The College Essay

For the UC responses, you want to make sure that you are showing 4 different sides of you.  The responses are only 350 words each so they need to be direct and concise, using examples and showing vulnerability.  For the Personal Statement (Common App essay) you have more creative freedom.  You only need to answer…
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The University of Alabama now spends over $137 million on merit aid each year for students with no eligibility for need based financial aid, up from under $10 million back in 2006. This translates to $60 million more than it gives in grant aid to people who demonstrate financial need. Enrollment is up by more…
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