Appealing Financial Aid Is A Smart Idea

Appealing Financial Aid Is Smart. A Few Tips To Make It Effective:1. Write A Letter And Schedule A 1-on-1 Meeting With Their Financial Aid Office.2. Explain In Percentages How Much Your Income Reduced From 2020 to 2021. For Example, “We Experienced A 34% Reduction.” 3. Be Realistic With The Amount You Need To Secure. A College Is More Willing To Increase An Offer By $6,000 Rather Than $22,000.4. Things You Can Bring Up:Other Colleges Are Making The Cost More Affordable My Child Is Planning On Utilizing The Full Amount Of Stafford LoansMedical Expenses The Family Incurred Not Covered By InsuranceCaring For A Family Member Such As A Grandparent Remember, Colleges Need You Just As Bad. Go Get What You Deserve!

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